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Hamlin Customer Service

If your HAMLIN watch is in need of service, please send it to our Service Center. We suggest you send your timepiece by insured, traceable means and properly packaged to protect against damage during transit. Please be aware that our Service Center is not responsible for any impact/shipping damage or lost items that may occur during transit.

Please do not send the product in the original packaging as the packaging will not be returned with the item.

Under Warranty:

Our limited warranty includes defects in material or workmanship one year from the date of purchase. A valid sales receipt must be included to show your product was purchased within the warranty period.

Your watch movement is under warrantee so long as the stem & crown, crystal, and case back are in tact; and provided that the stem/crown assembly were properly seated during normal use.

The hands, dial, and watch movement are the only components covered under the limited warranty. If the watch proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the discretion of our Service Center.

All repairs done under warranty require $12.50 to cover return shipping and handling in continental USA or $20.00 outside the continental USA.


Out of Warrantee:

Watches not covered by our warranty, or if your warranty has expired, the service and repair charges are listed below:


Component Costs:
1) Battery - $18.50 includes installation and timing.
2) Straps:

  • Genuine Leather Strap straight-end fit to watch case - $35.00
  • Leather Strap Integrated Curved adjoining -fit to watch case) - $45.00
  • Genuine Silicon or Rubber Straps - $35.00

3) Bracelets:

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet - $35.00
  • Stainless Steel Link Bracelet - $45.00
  • Ceramic & Steel Link Bracelets - $55.00
  • Titanium link Bracelets - $50.00

4) Crystal, Watch Case: $45.00
5) Movement - $45.00/Quartz; $65.00/Mechanical
*The above prices include domestic return freight and handling.
*International freight and handling, add $15.00 to the prices above.
To request a repair quote please Click Here



Watch Operating Instructions

    Setting the time:
    1. Gently pull out crown.
    2. Rotate crown until hands are positioned at desired time.
    3. Firmly push in crown; this will activate the watch.


    Setting the date:
    1. Gently pull out crown to the first “click”.
    2. Turn crown and set the date to one day BEFORE the actual date. If date does not advance, turn crown in opposite direction.
    3. Pull out crown one more “click”.
    4. Turn crown clockwise, moving the watch hands until the correct date appears. Note that you are now in the AM mode. If PM mode needs to be set, continue to advance hands until correct time is set.


    Date Setting:
    1. Pull crown out to first “click”(Pos. 2)
    2. Turn clockwise to advance the date hand.
    3. Push crown back to Pos. 1
    Day and Time Setting:
    1. Pull crown out to second “click”(Pos. 3)
    2. Turn clockwise to advance hour and minute hands. (The day hand will also move with the hour and minute hands. Keep turning until you have reached the desired day.)

Mesh Band Instructions
Mesh Band Instructions

To view a PDF version of our warranty and operating instructions, please Click Here

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