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Return Procedure


Watch must be returned via parcel post, prepaid and insured, together with a MONEY ORDER FOR U.S. $12.95 to cover handling.  All correspondence,  warranty, and U.S. $12.95 MONEY ORDER must be included in the package with the watch (do not send seperately) and mailed to:

GENNCO Repair Center
Unit 196
2720 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Allow approximately 6-8 weeks for repaired watch to be returned to you.


· If the carrier loses your Hamlin watch in transit, that is, we have shipped it to you and it was never delivered, we will ship you a new product at our cost.

· However, if the item was stolen after it was delivered or an unauthorized individual signs for it, we will not ship you a new product or issue you a refund.  Instead, you must file a claim with the carrier.  Please note that if a neighbor, friend, roommate, acquaintance, family member or thief signs for your package or forges a signature, then the product is not lost in transit and you must file a claim with the carrier.

· Additionally, if you were not home to accept the product, and the product was returned to us because of an inability to reach you, you will be charged the shipping costs to issue you a new product.


· If the packaging appears damaged on the outside, please refuse to accept it from the carrier; or please make sure when signing the shipper's proof-of-delivery slip, you include a note stating the package is or appears damaged.  If you do accept a damaged shipment please inform us immediately, the day you accepted the damaged package.  Depending on the product and where/how it was shipped, it may be necessary for you to deal with the carrier.

Gennco International, Inc. | 2720 Dundee Road, Unit 196 Northbrook, IL 60062 USA | We appreciate your patronage. Please email us with any questions or comments to We will respond to you the same day by email or by telephone if you provide a phone number.

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